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‘Hey Mary’

Ravon Rhoden Releases Jubilant Single ‘Hey Mary’

The reggae phenom’s latest shows off his gift for uplifting melodies and clever songwriting.

Although hip-hop and EDM are our primary focus, we're huge reggae fans as well. And this new track from Jamaica's Ravon Rhoden is one of the most lovable songs we've heard all year.

Born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Ravon Rhoden has been cultivating his unique brand of reggae for over two decades. His latest song is a loving ode to the joys of getting high with ‘Mary.’

‘Hey Mary’ is warm and welcoming. Its laid back rhythms evoke instant feelings of relaxation, while Ravon’s charismatic vocal presence takes center stage. Accompanied by a classic harmony trio and brilliantly meandering guitar lines, Ravon delivers a performance that will be welcomed by reggae enthusiasts everywhere.

Check it out below:

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