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‘Soon Come Home’

Ravon Rhoden Continues His Hot Streak With Single ‘Soon Come Home’

The Jamaican singer pays tribute to a mother’s love on this uplifting track.

Ravon Rhoden’s mastery of reggae and its many sub-genres has made him a fan favorite, both in Jamaica and amongst enthusiasts around the world. On his latest track, he merges dancehall and Afro-beat styles to create a vibrant, rhythmic song depicting a son’s love for his mother.

At a time when people around the world are celebrating mothers and all they do, ‘Soon Come Home’ is the perfect track for the occasion. Ravon’s story is deeply personal, but his message is universal. He even includes a sample of her speaking, revealing how truly important she has been to his artistic development. It is a track that will resonate with mothers, sons, and daughters everywhere.

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